I won’t be getting a Nexus 4

Today, Google announced 2 new devices, and an update to the Android mobile operating system. They also announced an update to their 7" tablet, the Nexus 7. However, I can't but help feel miffed at the updates. I probably wont be getting any of them.

Android and the last 10%

Android has improved tremendously over the past year. In October 2011, we were shown Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time. ICS improved Android dramatically, throwing away the aging and clumsy UI in favor of a clean, new, fancy UI, with new design conventions and a new font.

Unfortunately, this seems to only be 90% there. And Google seems to keep missing that last 10%.

What’s wrong with GTalk

Google Talk is Google's IM service. And thats about all it is. Launched in 2005, it has seen a few minor revisions, such as the addition of video and audio chat, but, apart from this, is still mostly just another instant messenger service. With the rise of smarter IM systems, such as RIM's Blackberry messenger and Apple's iMessage, Google should spend some time improving and upgrading Google talk.