A dash of rails

I seem to make these posts more than any other type, but what can I say, I like redesigning my site. I'll try to keep this one short

This incarnation is built on rails, and uses several technologies to improve page rendering.

The site is being served on a heroku app, via Unicorn, but thats nothing unusual. It has heavy caching, and uses compression to speed up load times.

The page transitions are handled via pjax, and a bit of jquery+css3 does the fade.

The fonts are provided by adobe typekit, and are possibly my favorite part of the new design. I wanted to get away from a boring standard helvetican blog, and felt these fonts add character.

Finally, the icons throughout the site are an icon font I created exclusively for this site. This provides a fairly heavy advantage, as they scale infinitely, and do not have the overhead of a sprite. I was inspired to do this after reading about github's icon font