Hey! I'm a ruby on rails developer, frontend designer, and student. I've been working on several interesting things over the past few years; here's a general synopsis:

Professional Experience

July 2012—present

At TrustedAd, I am in charge of maintaining uptime, as well as adding new features.

TrustedAd is a referral website, where you recommend products to your friends, and if they purchase them you earn referral rewards. It makes heavy use of Backbone.js for its UI, and product catalogues are searched using numerous third-party APIs. It was developed at Pivotal Labs SF

February 2012—March 2012

I researched mobile solutions for Looxcie, particularly methods of building their products with full android support. This involved reaching out to third-party community devs, discovering problems/solutions with various phones, and similar activities


Website design

July 2011

I designed the website for Xirissia.com, which has since gone down. It was a simple, static site, made using Sinatra, Haml, and Sass.

Unfortunately, due to a computer crash, I don't have a copy of the site

July 2010—October 2011

During my time at reddit, I was responsible for several logos, ads, and other small site assets. I created and maintained the mobile reddit interface using early HTML5 technologies. I also worked to redesign reddit's ad dashboard and landing page


Snoo rubygem

Snoo is a ruby gem to make interacting with reddit via ruby easier. It aims to be a simple, no-frills gem that provides a 1:1 featureset as the official api, while maintaining ruby conventions.

It is well documented, and has been used in a number of bots, scripts, and tools.

Uses:ruby, httparty, bundler, nokogiri

reddit plugin for the Cinch IRC bot framework

A simple gem providing basic reddit commands, to allow people to spin up simple reddit feature bots for their IRC channels

Uses:cinch, ruby, httparty

URails Rumble

I'm helping teach students at the University of Utah rails, and one of the apps we are building is a local Rumble site, for a mini rails-rumble.

The site uses standard rails tech

Uses:rails, ruby

Snoonet website

A semi-static website for the Snoonet IRC project, this site features a blog, staff and sponsor listings, and psuedo-static pages, for easy editing. It was built on Rails, and runs on heroku. The source is on my github

Uses:rails, ruby, heroku, haml, sass, compass


View more on my flickr page.


Much of my work is on my github, as well as the numerous links listed on my about page.

If you want to reach me for any reason, feel free to email me at paradox460@gmail.com