Thoughts on working remotely

When working on a mobile platform, as many people are these days, a lot of the standard practices and conventions you might be used to using are sub-optimal. High latency connections, moving between hotspots (and IP addresses), and intermittent connectivity can wreck havoc with many people's normal approaches to working, particularly in technological fields.

I frequently travel, and oftentimes find my only internet connection to be my cell phone. Yes, I can tether, but this does nothing to solve the speed and latency problems, it just lets me do my work on my laptop. But I find that if you approach mobile carefully, you will not suffer any productivity hits. Here's my approach to it, hopefully it will be beneficial to you.

My SublimeText2 workflow

The editor is perhaps the most important part of the developers toolchain. As such, it is a field of tremendous amounts of contention. One of the most legendary flamewars of all time, the constant vim-vs-emacs debate, is an example of this.

Many people have been looking to SublimeText2 as their editor of choice, and I am no exception. I've been using it for over a year and a half now, and offer these tips to anyone looking to switch editors, or just improve their knowledge of ST2.

Black box development

In ruby, and several other languages, there are a few philosophies you can follow. No, I'm not talking about things such as KISS or POLA or anything else along those lines. I'm talking coding methodologies, guides and mantras to how you should write, test, and document your code.

I've dabbled with TDD, or test-driven development, BDD (behavioral driven development), and other similar philosophies, and have found them all to be lacking in one area. So I've decided to take it on myself to start drafting a new one. I am not as smart or experienced as other developers, but hope that my insight into this resonates with some people.

My new ZSH prompt

One topic I have not yet wrote about is my custom shell. If you're comfortable with unix at all, and use a unix based system (pretty much anything but Windows), you've come to know that the shell is possibly one of the most important parts of your computer. Yet, so many people neglect their shells, using the system default. Some people are unaware that you can even customize it. Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum, those who customize their shells so much to the point that they don't really know how to use non-customized shells.

I've recently reinstalled and updated my zsh on my shell, and thought I might share the process. People on Google+ seemed supportive of the idea, so if you want to know more, please, keep reading.

Halo 4: A return to Halo

Halo 4 is a fairly important game in the Halo universe. It sees the return of series protagonist Master Chief, as well as the passing of the torch from one game studio, Bungie, to another, 343. As this new studio's first game, it has the potential to make or break the series, as well as the studio, and is possibly the highest stakes Halo game to date. And it preforms beautifully.

I won’t be getting a Nexus 4

Today, Google announced 2 new devices, and an update to the Android mobile operating system. They also announced an update to their 7" tablet, the Nexus 7. However, I can't but help feel miffed at the updates. I probably wont be getting any of them.

Ruby tricks for noobs

Over the past year, starting in early January, and progressing to now, I've been teaching myself ruby and rails. There are some tricks everyone picks up along the way, little things that make programming enjoyable, speedier, and helps you produce simpler code. These are the things that you don't often read about, but pick up along the way.

Android and the last 10%

Android has improved tremendously over the past year. In October 2011, we were shown Ice Cream Sandwich for the first time. ICS improved Android dramatically, throwing away the aging and clumsy UI in favor of a clean, new, fancy UI, with new design conventions and a new font.

Unfortunately, this seems to only be 90% there. And Google seems to keep missing that last 10%.

A dash of rails

I seem to make these posts more than any other type, but what can I say, I like redesigning my site. I'll try to keep this one short

What’s wrong with GTalk

Google Talk is Google's IM service. And thats about all it is. Launched in 2005, it has seen a few minor revisions, such as the addition of video and audio chat, but, apart from this, is still mostly just another instant messenger service. With the rise of smarter IM systems, such as RIM's Blackberry messenger and Apple's iMessage, Google should spend some time improving and upgrading Google talk.